About us

Some people have asked us how we came up with the name Epic and wondered if it was like the surfer saying “Dude, what an EPIC ride” (in a voice like Crush the Sea Turtle from Finding Nemo of course).

We were thinking more like an EPIC journey in the sense of Homer’s odyssey in the Iliad, Sir Edmund Hillary being the first one to climb Mount Everest, astronauts of the Apollo missions heading into the unknowns of space, Ferdinand Magellan navigating through the straights of Magellan passing through Patagonia, or the first time any of us put on a back pack and travelled to a foreign place (even if this is your first trip leaving your home). It is a sense that there is more out there than I once realized.

We want you to see Cayman in a different way than before. Anyone can show you Cayman diving, but that is just the time spent underwater. On a typical dive vacation where you dive three times per day you only spend about 8% of it underwater. We will ensure that the other 92% is EPIC. We will show you where the locals eat, where the locals drink, and we will show you the parts of this island that most people on dive boats don’t get to see.

EPIC is a state of mind that usually happens after a trip is complete. Not very often are we conscious that something EPIC is happening while we are in the moment. It is our job to ensure that your journey is an EPIC one.

The staff at EPIC prides itself on the attention to detail that every customer deserves for spending some of their hard earned vacation time with us. Our customers deserve a warm smile, a dive crew, and a hearty “THANK YOU” after each day of spending time with us.

We want you to feel the same joy, respect, and love for this little piece of Cayman Caribbean paradise that we do. Perhaps maybe, just like that surfer we want you saying: “Dude, what an EPIC ride”